Search Results / Collection ContentsΒΆ

Once you opened a collection or searched in the inventory search the contents / results will be shown in the results panel.


The lists shows you ten items at once. If the search resulted in more then ten results you can access the other results by selecting a different page using the buttons above the mini map.

Clicking on a title will expand the item and show its contents. The buttons with the arrows in the button bar will expand / collapse all items in the results view.

Next to the expand / collapse buttons are select all / none buttons and an action button that enables when at least one item was selected. When you click this button you will be presented with the options to either save the selected items to a new list in your collections, add them to an existing list, or add / remove them from your favourites. These buttons are only shown if you are signed in.


The mini map shows the geographic areas of the items in the current page. If you move the cursor over an item in the list its geographic area will be highlighted.

By clicking the star icon in front of an item you can add / remove it from your favourites list.

The trashbin icon is only shown in item lists. With this button you can remove an item from the selected list.