Collections are thematic bundles of knowledge items (e.g., studies, reports, tools, guidelines, information portals). They address specific adaptation topics and respond to particular knowledge needs. All collections have been compiled and further hand-picked by experts (by using the inventory search and the additional browsing opportunities for creating customized collections). The portal offers collections for specific adaptation sectors, knowledge domains, and cross-cutting “hot topics”.


To choose from a collection type activate the corresponding tab an choose a collection from the offered ones by clicking the corresponding button. The collection will open in the COLLECTION CONTENTS panel.

As a registered user when signed in you have the opportunity to create your own collections. There are two types of own collections.

A saved search where you can save search criteria from the inventory search and an item list. An item list is a list of hand picked items that you find useful to keep together in one collection. For each of your own collections you have to provide a name and can further provide a sub title and a description.