User’s Guide for Climate Adapt Platform for the Alps!


This users guide is still under development.

This user guide describes the Climate Adapt Platform for the Alps (CAPA). It’s split into two parts. The “Guidelines for Editors” explain what to consider when uploading new items to the platform. The “Platform User Guide” describes the platform and its functionality.

What is CAPA?

  • supports decision-makers in Alpine countries, regions and municipalities in adapting to climate change;

  • gives access to knowledge resources and information that have been selected by experts based on relevance and usefulness criteria

  • offers knowledge products for a broad spectrum of administrative and socio-economic sectors (agriculture, energy, health, water management, spatial planning, etc.)

  • puts strong emphasis on cross-sectorial aspects of adaptation

The platform provides resources about: Future climate (scenarios, projections) Climate impacts, vulnerabilities and risks Adaptation policies (national and regional adaptation strategies, sectorial adaptation policy documents, meta-analytical studies and policy reviews) Adaptation options (strategic directions, actions, measures) Tools (assessment methods, decision-support, guidelines, manuals, information portals) Adaptation in practice (practice examples of adaptation measures, case studies)

The portal offers two main entry paths: The inventory search gives pinpoint access per item, based on classified search criteria and supporting customized searches Pre-compiled collections with accessory commentaries give dossier-based access by theme.

Users can view, download and print search results with varying detail. An accessory map view shows the geographical area covered by the items found by a search.

Registered users have the opportunity to save and manage their favorite items compile, save, edit and comment their own customized collections share their own information by entering new items into the inventory and submitting their commented collections for publication